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Since 2008 RED TOWER FILMS delivers regular Urban Art formats to arte CREATIVE. The focus lies on Graffiti and Street Art and its protagonists, whose life and action stands representative for a strong movement. Be it a trainwriter who paints subways since more than 20 years, or a Street Art star, who made his living of doing art, or a Graffiti Artist addicted to Lettering. The topics are as diverse as the Movement itself. 
The most traditional and well known format is 5MINUTES, a series of videos featuring Graffiti in its purest form, mostly done illegal in the streets, subway tunnels or train layups. The first episode was produced ten years ago and today ranges to more than 70 episodes. The format STREET ATELIER was first produced in 2014 and tells stories about Artists, Events or Projects. Other series produced by RED TOWER FILMS for arte CREATIVE are ART OF SKATE or ONE DAY IN, a format that takes walks through projects like the DISMALAND by BANKSY.
The most recent format is FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE - THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING. SEASON 01 was released December 2017 and tells the story of the New York origins and the rise of modern graffiti in Europe from 1981 and beyond. YAKI KORNBLIT and a very limited group of European graffiti pioneers like SHOE (Amsterdam), BANDO (Paris), MODE2 (London), 3DEE (Bristol), LOOMIT (Munich), HESH (Hamburg), CANTWO (Mainz) and a few other protagonists are featured in the series. SEASON 02 is currently in production. You can watch the trailer and a few selected episodes of all formats above. Enjoy!


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