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Established in 2007, we are an independent production house with focus on culturally as well as commercially attractive feature films. Due to our profound experience in the urban film and photo sector, RED TOWER FILMS has a strong network to producers and filmmakers all over the world. Working with leading talents combined with a deep understanding of the culture, RED TOWER FILMS has the ability to create and add value to the content it creates and produces.
If you’ve got a vision to share, a story to tell, a product to launch or an image to build, give us a call or email.  We handle projects of every scale and genre. Whether you are looking for a single-camera low budget production or a multi-camera commercial shoot the RED TOWER has got you covered.  From inception to delivery, we can manage your entire production.
Strasse der Nationen 99
09113, Chemnitz, Germany
​Phone: +49 (0) 1729390327
Instagram:  @teamredtower
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