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Producing since 2007.

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We are a full service film production company ranging from documentary movies, commercials, photography to motion graphics and postproduction.


Our team consists of professional videographers and photographers specialized in film production and documentary. Working at the highest standards we are driven by the desire to create lifelong memories of interesting creative projects, campaigns and events to enjoy for many years to come.


currently in production | most recent productions:  

ARD KULTUR/MDR - splash! (documentary film/serial)

ZEISS - A Heart for Science (serial)

FUJITSU - Teachers for Tomorrow (serial)

ARTE - We Wear The Crown (documentary/serial)

SMWA SAXONY - Heimat für Fachkräfte (serial)

SPLASH! FESTIVAL - Recap, Shorts (serial reels)

CONCRETE CANDY - Make Walls Talk (advertising/serial)

IlOVEGRAFFITI.DE - 5MINUTES (documentary/serial)

MOLOTOW - Product Sessions (advertising/serial)

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